Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh boy..I am slacking, as far as the internet goes...

...on the home side, I have been feeling like the expression-running like a chicken with its head cut off! The girls have both been active in their own things and together things.

We had fun this year.. the past few years my girls have taken Halloween off, as far as going out collecting treats. They love to dress up and go out--but Ashley was feeling a bit old to do it, since some friends that knew her age were making comments in regards to dressing up and going around house to house--it was "for wee little kids". So my girls would dress and go to the local community hall and volunteer their time for the annual Halloween party so they could still dress up.

Well over the past few years, both girls have noticed that those same friends, were dressing up and were seen out collecting that night...hmmm. Well, they decided that they were NOT too old to still go around dressed up...and did just that this year! They had a wonderful time! It was so different to see how different they acted in regards to their candy since there are no limits now, except for the ones they place themselves. I saw big bowls sitting around to be shared by all (never happened pre unschooling) and then most being left to the extent of enough is enough on just sitting on the counter and was tossed away... WOW!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it was shared with a friend this year, which made us all happy, as we try to invite someone each year that could use a place to come/go to for that day! She was the perfect person, since she has no family close by and was planning on spending the day alone at home!

The girls made a lot of the appetizers and before munchies and Jim made the actual meal, as he does each year! He looks forward to spending the whole morning in the kitchen that day! I usually create the desserts the day before and the girls get most of their prep done the day before as well. They put together the platters and plates the morning of--before Jim gets going--and set it out on tables to pick at while the smell of thankfulness bakes in the oven (well, the rotisserie this year, since our oven broke).

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