Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tree Time

Well usually we put up our 7.5' artificial tree that we have had now for 10 years +/- the weekend following Thanksgiving. This year we were dreading putting up the ole girl since she has seen better days. Well after more days than should have been, Jim decided that we should just buy a new tree---and make it a prelit one, so he won't have to fuss with lights. I personally enjoy engaging in the process of wrapping each other in lights and then having one part go out and having to sit down and go through the strand to find it, while I sing to Christmas carols..hehehe!
Well I, of course, honored my husband's plea to relief HIM of the stress of fussing with all that, which in turn would relief the rest of us too ... if you know what I mean--it is all about bringing peace to those we love and ourselves! I was off on a scout for a large, full, real looking, prelit tree for under a $100.00 (I was thinking more around $50.00). I called home with specs on each tree we came across that even came close to his description, which was about 30... then, the price... OMG, $200.00, $350.00... are these people crazy! Absolutely not!!! I was NOT going to spend that on something I was going to look at for only 4 weeks out of the year! I mean I love a tree--it's one of my favorite decorations! Sooooo, I convinced Jim into "Let's just use what we have this year and we can shop for some after Christmas sales for next year's tree!" and he agreed.

Well.......... we didn't use the tree we already had... he continued to put off hauling it up out of the basement! I finally realized it was'n't just the lights he was dreading... it was the putting in the 300 branches that have to be sorted, fluffed and slipped into place--he didn't want to build the tree this year... SIGH, okay okay, the kids are very anxious at this point and I'm trying to give the "I love you so much, Hon" look...but it came across as the "Hurry up and figure this out or else" look and out came.. "let's just go out in the woods and CUT one down! " Omgosh--- that was the best idea ever, Adrienne thought--she was all excited! Ash on the other hand was like hmmm, well she said, "That is what you're supposed to do really, right mom, go cut one down?!" I smiled and said it surely was! We bundled up and headed out into the woods on our property....We found a TREASURE!

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