Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charlie Brown, Charlie Down, But mostly...

..Prince Charles!

He is the joy of our home... He always adds playfulness to every situation! He is nine years old and has recently suffered a stroke! We took him to the vets as soon as we noticed his head tilted and he was struggling to walk a straight line without toppling over sideways! She tested him for an ear infection, which came back negative--so she decided it might be vestibular disease and treated him for it. We treated him for 2 weeks before going back for a followup wothout any improvement.

She had us treat him for another week and decided that it may not be that at all and that it seemed he may have suffered a small stroke and may not come out of the head tilt or right sided weakness at all! I wish for his sake and ours that he works it out since he has been a member of our family since 2001, when we rescued him at a year old from a chained and kenneled lifestyle! He has been grateful to us and loyal since the day we brought him "home". His personality is over the top and his expressions are many! It is true boxers remain puppy-like their entire lives!

He has still remained this way even through this tough time moving in in his topsy turvy world! We have found that we are doing more jumping that he now with having to reach, plunge, leap and jump quickly to rescue him for a topple while he still plays around! He makes sure he lives up to what we have made him... the prince and protector of our home!

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