Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flowers in the Garden!

Well I was very late in getting any pics of the gardens, so I missed a lot of my favorite blooms like the lupines and most of the bleeding hearts--but here is what I caught on the cam before they all fell off...

This is my favorite little garden..has my tea roses( not yet blooming), irises, yell9w dbl. day lilies(not yet blooming) and my cheddar pinks!

Close up of my Iris!

A foxglove that my friend gave me this spring!

Isn't it gorgeous--I just love the markings!

My roses getting ready to pop open!

A close up of the Pinks!

...even closer of the Pinks!

Not sure of the exact name of this came from a friend who said her daiugther sent if from hmmmm not sure what the name.. but I love it!

What's left of my bleeding hearts--they were huge this year!!

I just love how they hang so beautifully!

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