Thursday, June 26, 2008


This past Easter was a very special one for our family! We lost our dear friend to cancer and his last visit to our home was on Easter! We have had a tradition of watching all the Shrek movies with him and were able to watch the 3rd one with him then. We had a spa/haircut day with him and had lots of fun! It was very memorable for all of us...he is now greatly missed! We have since adopted his little girl pup, LaLa. She is a min pin/boston terrier mix and was the love of Jack's life and now shares her love with us...she is our connection to him and his spirit now.

Adrienne with LaLa!

She is such a cutie!

LaLa relaxing on the couch!

I will have to start buying larger sweatshirts..hehe!

My last haircut from Jack..this was 45 days before he passed away!

A little shorted than I wanted at the time, but...

Okay, Jack was getting ready for his facial by Dawne..LOL!

He is such a good sport! I love him soo much!

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