Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Finally a car!

Well things have been busy and exciting around the home lately! We have been without a vehicle that runs "right" for almost a year now. It has been challenging and has tested the amounts of patience each of us holds. What a test! Everyone has done very well though to say the least! Well we finally were able to get a little car--and I mean little! It's a Toyota Tercel hatchback and takes very little gas to get around--a nice plus! Ashley has been practicing her driving in it since we got it Friday, the 20th of June. She is very excited and nervous all balled into one about taking her driving test--coming up this week! Yayyyy--cross our fingers for her.. she has waited so long and worked sooo hard to get to this day! We can't wait to enhance our lives with visits to some of our internet/phone homeschooling friends! Yippee!!!

I am so happy for my girls--they are growing into quite the young ladies! They are growing up so fast and are very well-rounded people. I was talking to my husband last week when Ash received her driving date about how fast things change in life--seems to fly as I get older. I said that I have no worries as to the girls surviving and living life --if something, God forbid, happened to me tomorrow! They know quite a bit and know how to find out how to know if they need.. completely on their own. My only regret and I can never take it back, is that they attended public schools when they were young and I feel that I lost LOTS of time with them that could have been MINE!! But like I told him--things happen for a reason, I believe, so I do think that it was meant to be that way--even being separated from them during that period in their lives--we still spent TONS of time together chatting, doing, learning, listening and watching and more--when we were together! We made every moment count since the day they were born! I changed my life completely from what it was pre children--I have no regrets really, I cherish each day and every moment of change and growth!

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