Thursday, June 26, 2008

Barbie Q goes to the vet!

Okay, so the piggy went to the vets on Tuesday! Ashley has been trying to make an appt. for her for a couple months now--due to no car, it has fallen through each time! Well, she finally made it! She was told that her little BIG piggy is in tip top shape! Weighing in at a whoppin' 51lbs--she is a tad overweight for her age at 9 months! She could stand to miss out on a couple of servings of snacks! LOL

Dr. Kinney told Ashley that she was doing a wonderful job with her--Barbie was the first pig that he has seen in his career so far, which has been a long one, that he has NOT had to tranquilize to trim her hooves and clean her ears! He was very impressed at how well she did! It was a reflection of the time and attention and discipline that Ashley has taken with her little BIG piggy pet! He got a clean bill of health and is going to be spayed next month to make her an even better piggy!

Here she is resting after her long ride to the pig doctor! She did very well on the trip home...I think she exhausted herself screaming on the exam table! The ride there was a slight nightmare --more for Ashley, who was in the backseat with her--keeping her in line and picking up endless poops since she seems to poop when she is nervous--and she was extremely nervous on the trip to the vet! UGH!!

A big sigh of relief from the pig. "Yayyyy..I am home and the hard part is over!!!!"

Outside grazing around the yard! Oh how she loves the dandelions!

Let's aerate the soil here...root, root , root! Gooooo piggy!!

And how she loves the camera too! LOL Such a HAM!!!--ooops! Did I say that?!?!

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