Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Thing-A-Day

Well I notice on one of my unschooling lists I am on that some are participating in the thing-a-day site. I do believe I missed the deadline..what's new.. I am considered a procrastinator at times and sometimes missing out on a good thing. Well, I thought that I could try my own version of it with the girls and just blog and post on my own.. maybe it will put me in a good way.. to be able to discipline myself without breaking anyone's rules but my own..if that is any better, right?! So, I will begin tomorrow, Feb. 3rd, and maybe I can even throw in a few extras some days to make up for day 1 and 2. We will see what this does for me and how it goes. Wish me luck... it seems I have already started putting it off, doesn't it?--"I'll begin tomorrow!"....

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