Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Fun Day!

On my flylady group... Saturday's are family day! Well for us, everyday is family day!! We love it that way--and it's not that we try to achieve that.. it just happens for us that way! Anyway, we did get out of the house and do something fun today--ice skating! The girls and I went up to the public rink and they skated for a couple of hours.. doesn't seem like a long time.. but when it's the first time this year, it's more than enough time on the ice.. they will tell you this!! Ashley has a few blistery looking spots on the back of each of her calves from her skates... I keep suggesting long, thick socks while she skates, well , to both girls while they skate...ahem...and they both wore ankle huggers today.. and now they are paying... so a nice soak in a foot bath should sooth the pain, we all hope anyway.

We also went exploring in the new addition of the local department store--that was fun! Adrienne annouced to one of the elder employees that it was like being in a mall now--she got a kick out of Adrienne, we heard her chuckle way down the new, long aisles.

The girls had a friend over last nite and they played DDR dance pad game until midnight--they wanted me to try to hold out the entire nite.. I did my best and pulled it off till about 10pm. I got some live shows this morning as they started up again when they woke up. I was able to take some video of them. What talent! I hope with practice and training from my girls, I will be as good as them one day.. or at least close to what they pull off!

Jim did the pig-sitting for Ash while we were out.. he was content in doing so, since it gave him the house to himself for a bit of time! He does love to absorb the peace and quiet occasionally, if you want to call it peace and quiet with a house full of critters! Hehe--Oh well!

We is looking forward to the Superbowl tomorrow. We are all supposed to be going to a friend's to watch. We usually all (us and the kids) watch and participate in the fun of it together.. but this year we are separating, we had to do some compromising since Ashley now has the piggy and she really can't go out yet in the cold air, being so young. Soooo, I suggested I could stay home with them, which made Jim sad that I would send him to our friend's alone and not accompany him. I then mentioned to Ashley that Adrienne mentioned last week that she would like Jim and I to go out some nite soon so that she and Ashley could hang out together and bond. Soooooo, then that made Ashley say, Hey what about Superbowl then?! Since her and I had been worrying for a week how we could solve the piggy home alone prob and leaving the kids home, which is what we are doing now, but at their request. Jim is bumming now though, since we always watch it together as a family. I told him, I understood, I felt a bit awkward about it, but let him know that it was what the girls agreed to and have had fun planning and "Unsuperbowl Party" for the two of them. They have their menu worked out and a couple of movies chosen to watch and are very ecstatic about the whole event! It worked out perfectly without any hurt feelings, well not counting Jim's, but I do think he will be okay!

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