Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's New

Well since I last posted, we have a few new additions to the family. Ashley wanted a puppy for her 16th birthday and somehow it evolved into a mini potbellied pig! She is adorable! Her name is Barbie Q and she moved in when she was 8 weeks old and is now 18 weeks old. She has settled in sweetly. Adrienne got two Netherland Dwarf bunnies that were 8 weeks old as well and are now the same age as the piggy. Their names are Misty and Bullet! They are sooo cute! They have moved into our basement for the winter. Ashley was nice to lend out a space in her room for Adrienne to use for a make-do hutch that she and I built from an old cabinet!

The pig is due to be spayed in Feb. and we now have the cat spayed that needed it and the dog was neutered too. Finally, I think I am caught up on my fixing duties for now! The chickens are still laying eggs like crazy! I am not sure if it's a good or bad thing, since everyone else I know that have chickens--theirs have stopped for the winter. I was told that mine are comfy in their heated, lit coop/condo and so they are keeping them coming! Well, in any case, it's good for us and those friends around us that we are sharing them with!

Boy, we have had lots of snow this winter and some very cold temps. I notice, and it's probably so each winter, we are playing lots of games--video, board, DVD, online and card! Jim has been actively involved too since he does not work much in the winter, being a seasonal worker. He is home and spends more time with us this time of year! Sometimes good, sometimes not so good! It's always hard to have 4 people crammed into a small house for 4-5 months--yikes! Thank goodness for all the things we have to keep each of us busy!

The movies have been interesting also! We have watched a diverse selection of them this winter! I have most of them listed to the right-->

I am getting the spring itch, ALREADY! --I talked Jim into helping me move the livingroom area around this past weekend! --I LOVE IT! Adrienne and I spent a lot of time making a wall mosaic in the kitchen--this weekend, we are going to try to put the last coat of mud on it and get it painted up! I am so excited to see it finished finally and so is she, I think! It's neat to look at something that is embedded in your home and know that you put it there! It's sunflowers, BTW, to match the kitchen decor. I have been trying to pull the kitchen together in it's theme for 6 years now. I hope I will leave it that way for a bit after it's finally completed. I finally got some cupboards too! I was so blessed from a friend of ours that had some that they pulled out of a camp that they tore down and offered us the cabinets!! Of course, I said YES!! They are green in color, which looks nice in the kitchen... but not the colors that I have going in there... so I am changing them to match soon! I will post some pics shortly of the now more updated room so far!

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