Monday, February 11, 2008

Okay Now you all know... much I can procrastinate! I have been busy, honest! The girls and I took Kate over night last Thursday and kept her all day on Friday like normal! She had an absolute blast! As soon as she got her today, she asked if she could have another sleep over with us! Awwww! She's such a cutie pie!

The girls went snowmobiling on Saturday and had their friend over for the night after that. They played video games and watched all the much liked shows while company was here, since the girls doesn't have satellite TV anymore--so she loves to watch the shows that Adrienne DVRs for them to watch when she comes over.

Sunday was a video game day for me...I haven't had one of those in a while and finally kicked back and played Resident Evil with coaching and encouragement from Jim and Adrienne!

The girls slept downstairs last night to keep the piggy company, as Ashley is trying to break her from sleeping with her at night! It seemed to go well the first night...Yayyy! We have been bombed with snow, Adrienne was finally thrilled when we got some wet snow, she made a snowman yesterday!

It's Valentine's this Thursday--what to get this year....hmmm, I did hear only a bit of chocolate! I know it was mentioned that new journals were needed soon! The girls write in theirs every night and have used both that they got for Christmas already!
I have done a few things for the Thing-a-day... just, of course, did not record them yet!!

I made some bread bowls last week for the chili--yummy! I know I should have taken photos, darn!! I also altered a robe that was Ashley's when she was little--I made it Katie's size, so she now has a "special" robe to use when she comes over for sleepovers! I also made paper hearts for all the nooks, crannys, windows and doors with the kids last week! We cut them out of construction paper in pink, red and white and put X's and O's and lil' luvs on them! Katie had so much fun, she wanted to make a million!! We have them everywhere, I mean everywhere!! Hehe--I love it!!

The puppy is not feeling well this week... he's been a bit stiff and limpy for a few days now, not sure if it's arthritis or what... I hope it's nothing serious! He's our baby!

Well I am waiting on a cricut cutter I ordered! I can't wait until it comes! I am supposed to be doing a card class for a friend we met through Uncle Henry's (that was neat)! I am hoping it will come before I am supposed to go to the class. I also need to put together a plan for a card to do. I am really up in the air about what to do for a theme...stitching, iris fold, stamping, tea bag foldin',
3-D...hmmmm! Decisions, decisions!

Well as soon as Valentine's is over, I will post the cards I have made for it! I just don't wanna spoil the surprise for --"you know who"!!

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