Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What--I have a blog--OH YEAH!!

I cannot believe I have not blogged for such a time now.. fall, huh!? Wow...it seems like I have been keeping track of all things right along! I have, just not in writing--shame on me--or is it! I figure why take time out of all my fun with my children to write about them ... when I was just imprinting each day in my mind each night as I lay down to sleep... when I finally made it to sleep! The kids seem to con me into staying up and hanging out with them every night now! I have been able to CON them back some...lol...they let me go to bed around 8-ish this past week a few nights. I begged them desperately! I do love spending the time with them all our waking hours--it completes me each day! Well I have some major writing to do now to catch this blog up from fall until now!

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