Saturday, October 20, 2007

Little happenings-Big efforts!

Well Ashley has been busy volunteering again now that it is turning winter and most of the summer volunteers have returned to their warm winter homes south of Maine. lol- I can't say as I blame them. She also has been busy doing some fundraising for a program that she was anonymously nominated for. It is called the People to People Student Ambassador Program. I am not sure if she is the first homeschooler to attend in a while or ever, we forgot to ask. The delegate leaders did seemed quite surprised when I told them she she was homeschooled and that we didn't have actual certified teachers to fill out her reference forms. She did get some very nice people/organizations that she has worked/volunteered for to write up the forms for her. She is busy collecting returnables (ongoing) in order to raise her amount of $6,000.00 for the trip next year to China. She is also putting recipes that she loves together to put into a small cookbook to sell. She has lots of other ideas she is planning out in her efforts to raise enough for this trip.
She has been driving some, but it makes it hard without a running vehicle for her to acquire driving hours like she should be. I am so glad that she is understanding, though I know it is so hard for her.
She is also selling her time and efforts to some of our friends to raise money. She is having a hard time with that since she is so used to just going and helping friends and family out at no cost. But she helped out our friend who has MS with her grandkids after her chemo treatments and she earned money toward her trip for that as well. She also received some very nice donations and they are collecting $$ and bottles for her at the coffee shop and the chamber. Goooo Ashley!!

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