Saturday, November 3, 2007

New times-New Interests!

Adrienne has new interests! She is still loving her dogs but has added a few more animals to her well of interests. She has been very interested in getting a couple of bunnies and researched all kinds of breeds and is sure of the ones that she wants. We have decided to wait until next spring or summer to begin raising them. She also has started playing a new virtual game about horses. She taken quite an interest in them as well. It is especially enhanced since her friend has gotten a new horse and Adrienne has gotten to ride her. It was her first experience on a horse except for the ponies at the fair. She is learning to ride and also helping her friend out too since she wants to teach, so Adrienne is her practice student! It works out well for the both of them.
Adrienne also wants to get a hamster! I am all for it though a bit squeamish since we also have 3 awesome micers! The cats will be very curious over it and we have been discussing different situations that may/could arise and what precautions we can take and what reactions we will have!
Still drawing too, I will have to definitely scan and post some of her amazing artwork! I do believe I have an artist AND a vet in my home! I love it!!

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