Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fryeburg Fair

This year was a fun time at the fair. We only went one day but it was fulfilling. The girls realized moreso this year the cost of everything and how they seemed to charge soo much for everything. We started to wander towards the livestock buildings more the last time we went and this year spent more time there than anywhere else. It was neat to see the kids show so much more interest in the things that they were so much more familiar with now than they used to be. Now that we have chickens, they knew a lot of the different breeds there and it was fun to see ones we didn't know about and look them up when we got home. It was fun to watch the incubators too this year. We watched the chicks hatch and tried to guess by the way they looked what kind they were by what ours looked like when we got them. I had so much fun learning and exploring with my girls. We also took the little girl, Katie (3 yrs) with us. It was fun to see her on the rides in the kiddyland and my girls rode some that once seemed so BIG. We visited the Oakhurst house and made butter with Kate. Her face was priceless when she looked first to see cream and looked again after much shaking to see butter. I love it!! It is also amazing and wonderful to hear how much my girls have learned by hearing them tell little Kate the how's and what's and why's when she asks them!

It was also interesting to see my girls pass up a lot of what they used to ask for at the fair. The comment on some of the foods was that they could make it at home themselves and/or buy it less later and a much more healthier version! Hehehe

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