Sunday, September 2, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

I unfortunately have been neglecting my blogging and filling my days with lots of other non-computer related things. We have been trying to more work done on the house (an ongoing project-and never ending). I got Ashley's room done to her liking. It's pink and green-her favorite colors! I will try to get her to take some pics of it. She did a nice job designing it. She used a compass to put big green circles on the walls randomly. She also painted the ceiling in a checkerboard pattern. It's really neat!

Adrienne's room is still in progress--that is coming a bit slower.

I have been trying to finish up the kitchen. I am soo excited about that room. It's seems that room is taking the longest and is also the hardest to do--being the room that we use most! It's hard to really have it pulled apart for very long.

I will post pics soon of the completed room, but here are some before and what's been done so far pics:

I also have the hallway almost finished as well. I did not, sadly, take any before pics. I wish I had taken before pics so that the drastic change could be compareed. The before was a country goose theme in that blue that is used with that theme. We went totally different-- to a deep red color and an Americana theme. Here are some after photos from different angles:

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