Tuesday, September 16, 2008

why does it always seem that summer is waaay shorter than winter??

Well, once again--It's fall! Well to me it is, even if the calendar says otherwise! As soon as it's September--it's fall!! lol
The girls are busy as ever with things! Adrienne is busy drawing pics for a book that is being written and the person is interested in an unschooler to illustrate. She is having fun working on that! Ashley just had a people 2 people meeting on Sat. Sept. 13th for a trip to Italy next summer! She really wants to go, since that is where her roots lie--some of them anyway!
We have been excited getting ready for a long time internet friend that may come for a visit in October, we are soo hoping! So trying to put things in order have been time consuming--not just the travel plans but organizing the house!
We had the contractors come on Monday, the 15th to fill the attic with insulation! I hope it helps with the ice problem! They also told us to seal all the heating ducts with some mastic--so off to Home Depot I went to pick some up and will get right on it! I am soo tired of winters in Maine--or at least the struggle to keep warm it seems--ugh! Every year! Well, here's to hoping this year will be different!!
The girls and I decided to take a last minute picnic down the same trail that Jim and I trotted! It was fun and they absolutely loved the sounds and sights of the woods! Ash has been asking to go again real soon!

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