Saturday, February 23, 2008

New news...

Well the girls are working on making themselves each a Quillow! It has been neat to watch them begin...I printed out the pattern and gave them each a copy. Ashley has all of her squares done already and is ready to sew them together to form the front. Adrienne, of course, made her pattern a bit more difficult and challenging and went with smaller squares, so she is moving along more slowly. She decided after seeing Ashley's squares, I believe she has decided to make the rest of the squares larger like Ashley's now. They are looking wonderful though, so far! Kudos to the Kids!!

I will admit to being amazed the other day at something that Adrienne said to me about her furry paws account (she is waiting for her new Elite acct. BTW). She was telling me about someone interested in buying and breeding one of her border collies and that they were impressed that hers were "HH"--I asked what that meant and she said that it is a good procedure when your dogs are bought or bred to genetically test them --hers that she acquired were highest in genetic makeup.. or a "good class". She explained to me how the genetics worked with either being Hh, hh, hH or HH and hers were top of the line! She was thrilled to pieces as she was explaining it to me and I was too while listening to her amazing explanation! She is so bright--she shines continuously each day! I just love her soo much!

Well, I guess the bun buns are not expecting, which was a relief to al lof us--we were excited about it but relieved we have some time to better prepare for a cute lil litter--hehehe! Adrienne does want to plan a litter in the spring and asked if that was something I would support and I told her yes, that we could try then. For now, the buns are in separate pens to avoid any unexpected babies.

We will be all done watching the lil one we are looking after as of March--Yayy! She will be sadly missed but the other stuff we had to deal with will not be missed at all! It's a looooong story--too long for this blog! The girls are very happy to have me back--all to themselves and I am too to have just them too! I just love being a mom to them! That will be another post altogether!!

I made some cards for Valentines Day and them some extras for other occasions--will see if I can get a bunch together to sell at the craft fairs this year. There's hopin'! (fingers crossed)
The girls made cards too--they are beautiful!

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