Sunday, February 24, 2008

My name is Dawne and I am a game-a-holic!

I woke up with games on my mind today...I just love games and I think I am addicted to them. Yesterday Ashley and I went to Reny's and looked around. We were there especially looking for some type of batting/filling for her and Adrienne's Quillow they are working on and somehow ended up in the games aisle. Like I needed to be there, EVEN thinking about acquiring another game, as my closet is plum full of them..all types! I just felt pulled there, since I haven't bought in some time now. Well Ashley and I looked around and we saw two that we thought looked like fun and she decided that we should each buy one, instead of either of us buying them both. We did. I bought a card game called Frog Juice. Her and I played it last night. It was a challenge at first, then we figured it out and played the second hand smoothly. She bought that old classic Shut the Box. I think she is hooked on it! We played many rounds of first we thought it was going to be so simple, or at least I did, just turning down the tiles, YEAH right! It is a very strategic game. You have to use your rolls (pure luck) wisely. We played that till late and never got to watching our movie and I noticed as we were heading up the stairs, very tired, she had the game in her arms... I asked if she was going to play some more upstairs and she said probably only a few more! I DO think she is hooked!

I love all types of games old and new. I have card games, board games, dice games, video games, computer games and more. I have books on games. We have games like perfection (both versions) to tangoes. We also love video games! We will take days and all sit and take turns playing our way through an entire video game...that is always a blast! I just can't have enough, get enough, play enough games!

I am just a game junkie, I guess. I do believe I will pass on this addiction, since the kids love to play them too!

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