Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Autumn 2009

Yesterday the girls and I went and picked a half a bushel of apples over in Lovell, Maine! I was not real happy with the Orchard we chose and will surely be going picking again this season! We agreed on Cortlands since the apples were crisp and tart and would be used mostly for cooking/baking! We did throw a few Macs in the mix though for fun!! I got up this morning and found a recipe for Baked Apple Fritters and was happy with the turn out though missing what I am used to in them--all the FAT!! I felt good eating them though--since they were a healthier take on them!

Adrienne asked to glaze them up and had fun doing so!

Ohhh and look at that glaze...yummm!!
It was fun and they were mmm....good!

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