Friday, October 17, 2008

Okay the seasons are changing...

..and so are the interests! The temps are "falling" too..haha..along with the leaves! So Ashley has perked an interest in lamp working (making lovely glass beads) and we have ordered a starter kit online. She is hoping that will come today or tomorrow! I am excited too since I know she will surely let me give it a try...wooohooo! Adrienne has been wanting to try "feeling" some natural fibers! She would like to process some wool straight from the sheep to her knitting needles! We have a friend that is going to send us some wool that she sheared from her sheep this past spring!

In the meantime, we went to our local spin shop and bought some roving! The woman was very impressed with our "homework" since we knew exactly what she was talking about as she spoke to us a short lesson! We all gave the spinning a try, except for Ashley who has not really had time yet! It is much harder than it looks on YouTube!! When we (Adrienne and I) began researching the spinning by hand process, we discovered the drop spindle! That is what the mysterious looking hook'n'wheel thingy was in my box of finds in the basement! Hmmmm, so it was meant to be--We shall spin!! Jim made another drop spindle for Adrienne to use, since mine was a bottom whorl and thought a top whorl seemed more popular and easy looking! He had it spun up in a jiffy!! LOL

We bought 4 oz. of each type of roving--one was a nice black, that was carded and the other was a stunning white that had been combed! It was kewl to see and feel the difference between the two processes! I personally like the combed better! Our first attempts were just wonderful!! We were told that the 8 oz. total would make us a pair of socks! Uhmm humm--I don't think we will get a pair of socks from this 8 oz. We may just stick to doing a scarf--it seems safer for now! <> I think the woman meant that if you spin lace weight fibers....ours were rope-like..LOLOL!!
It's okay, we like bulky yarns! Ohh notice I made the shot on a "luv note" from Jim to all of us, since he is gone all day today helping my cousin chop wood for the winter! The next spindles were a bit smaller--so I told Age that we will get better with some practice!!

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