Sunday, July 6, 2008

July--in with a bang!!

Okay, this is the second time writing up this post....pain of a computer! Ugh!!!

Well The sky was a lovely shade of rose and several other colors the night of the fireworks!
They were held on the 3rd!

Ashley got her license... YIPPEE!!! I am so happy to have another driver in the house! She is thrilled as well not to have to wait on lil' slow me when she wants to go somewhere! lol The girls went to the drive in --all by themselves--Ashley got to drive them there! This pic they took as they waited for the drive in movie to begin!

She thought she had to take a pic of the console--so she could tell me that her and Adrienne were is too much!

These pics are of the girls looking out at the Mtn. from the information center in NH. What a view! I took one with the camera as the storms moved in over us! You could actually see the rain from afar--not too well in the pics tho!

Ohhh this one is out of order .. but was Adrienne at the drive in with her comfy sipper invention! --It was made from 10 straws put together so that she could reach her drink from the holder it was in to her mouth, as she laid back in her seat to watch the movie! Ashley called me from her cell and told me that the girl at the concession hollered at Adrienne--I asked how come--she told me because Adrienne had taken 10 straws--the girl snapped at her saying "I DO believe that is enough straws for YOU this evening, don't ya think, young lady!"--I guess Adrienne politely responded, "Maybe, I am not sure yet!" and made her way back to the car with Ashley! I listened to the story and said, "Kewl!!!!" about the straws! Jim did too when we told him!! I guess the lady had no sense of imagination and invention!! Sheeeeesh! I thought Adrienne was a genius!! This is her with her 10 straw sipper..LOL!!

This is the storm moving in on us in NH!!

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