Sunday, April 27, 2008

New friends

Well we have met some new friends and they are just the sweetest family ever! I couldn't feel more blessed! I met Pamela on my weight management site and she emailed me and introduced herself, saying she lived in my town too! I was thrilled! We met for coffee and now have become nice friends! Ash has made friends with her daughter, who is Ashley's age, so what a match! They hit it off wonderfully! Ash went on a couple day trips with them and now has spent the nite over there and is soo happy to have finally met a nice girl her age that is/was homeschooled! I am so excited and happy for her myself, as she really needed a bonding buddy--I think every teen does, someone to call on to chat and support them when they need it! Adrienne is waiting to meet her new friend from New York, who will be moving up here in the summer permanently! She and Adrienne are the same age too, so that will be wonderful for the both of them to have someone to "call their own"! They have only had one friend that they have "shared" since they began homeschooling and it does get tough sometimes! I have been able to get out of the house a bit too with Pamela and went over last nite to do a bit of papercrafting--that was a blast! I went for coffee at her sweet little house a couple of times before that and met her family too! How nice it felt to welcomed with such warmness! I had a flat last nite at their house and Pamela's DH was just so dear to put air in and some fix-a-flat in it for me, so I could make it home safely! I did! I am so happy to finally have a good friend close to home it has been so long since I have had anyone near my age to bond with too! I have felt so secluded at times as far as other adults/mothers as support and chats that homeschool and have the same morals and values about our kids and life! I am as happy as the kids that I have a new friend!! Thank you Pamela, for that little email!!

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