Thursday, March 13, 2008

Funny moments

I was going to blog today anyway...but was prompted to do so right this moment after reading my mail and reading a note from my unschooling hero, Sandra Dodd, on her list AlwaysLearning! She wrote about humor between teens and a mom and it broke me into a full blown laughing fit because all I could think of was:

..last night the girls wanted to go see the movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles, well Adrienne did since she had read the entire series and wanted to see how the movie would compare to the books! She did, BTW, let me know that the movie was terrific but the books were much better to her and were a bit different in some parts than the movie. Well anyway, to the point...we were the only ones in the one auditorium that was showing the film we chose and toward the end..oh i should mention that Jim stayed home, since he was tired and it was convenient since someone was home to keep an eye on the fur babies too! And he would always say when we would see a movie and the theater was full, just before the movie ended and the credits would roll--"let's hurry out as soon as the credits roll, so we aren't bombarded in the crowd!"---SO, to keep him in thoughts and keep tradition, I leaned over to Ashley and whispered, near the end, " Let's hurry out when the credits start to roll or just before, so we are not stick getting out of here last!" She smirked and said, "Funny mom!... okay, let Adrienne know too!" and played along. I leaned over to Adrienne and whispered the same and she replied, just as serious as could be, as she was engrossed in the ending, and somewhat hearing me but NOT..."Okay!" I said, "Okay!" in response to hers and then she took a double take on what was said and quietly chuckled, knowing I had got her!! ----SINCE, if you noticed me saying in the beginning...we were the only ones in the theater! lol...but as Sandra wrote... it may have been better or funnier if you had actually been there to witness, as it was for us!

BUT....the joking cont. as....

when the lights started to brighten somewhat and I leaned down to grab our trash we collected in our empty popcorn bag and to get my purse, I lean forward so my head slipped comfortably in between the seats in front of us, sooooooo....
I used this opportunity to pull over another one on them (since they are constantly getting me). I whispered, as I didn't want everyone else in the theater to hear my embarrassing plea for help..."My head is stuck between these seats!" the girls both spoke up, as I caught their attention immediately, "WHAT mom?" I repeated it but a tad louder so that they could hear, but tried to be discreet and I couldn't believe it when Ashley cont. about herself, grabbing at her belongings and gathering things up to begin her exit, didn't seem too alarmed ( I think she caught on--I hoped that was the case at the time! lol) Adrienne instantly gasped, " Are you serious?" and grabbed my shoulders and pulled me backwards. I didn't resist as I figured that was enough to have got her good! And it did! We were all laughing so hard at that point, we were crying! I had got her good---not once, BUT twice that night!! HAHAHA

It was a fun night! We got the tour by the employees of the new theater...BTW, it was a long time landmark in our town that the year before had been torn down ad rebuilt, due to it sinking and shifting on unstable ground along the riverbank of the Stevens Brook! So, last night was our first time in since they had rebuilt! We looked for old things that they had kept to put back into the new building, like the original ticket booth, the bathroom( water closet) wall murals and several other little details! There were lots of new features that were fun to see and admire too! Like Sir Drake in the NEW Tannery Pub! The art was just amazing! You can see some pics here:

...Anyhow, Thank you Sandra for posting that funny that you experienced, which BTW, I did think was funny too! I love catching the kids off guard with humor now and again!!

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